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Healer (12k)

Blind Nun (14k)

Possessed (16k)

The Flatulent Nun (9k)

Bac-o-bits Ranch (9k)

Tagger (11k)

Waiting Game (6k)

Putting Out A Fire (32k)

The official Callahan Online Animation Link Icons are here. Now your site's visitors can share in the fun of Callahan Online. Link your site to, home of the Callahan Online, using one of the "Official Callahan Online Animation Link Icons" at the bottom of this page. Use of these Icons is free to all but subject to the terms of the "Official Icon Link License Agreement" described below. Please be sure to read the agreement before downloading an Icon.


License. EYESCREAM grants to anyone using one of its CALLAHAN ONLINE icons (License) the non-exclusive right, until EYESCREAM gives notice to the contrary, to place the Icon in Licensee's web site, subject to the following conditions: (a) the Icon may be used only for the purpose of hyperlinking to CALLAHAN ONLINE site at "index.html"; (b) Licensee will not alter the appearance of the Icon in any manner; and (c) Licensee will make no use of any intellectual property of EYESCREAM, other than the Icon, without EYESCREAM express written permission.

So when Callahan Online contacted United Media to request using their license agreement above they responded...
I'm passing your request for feedback to someone in syndication. As far as *borrowing* the licensing page, all of our pages are copyrighted. So, if you are looking to reproduce the page, or parts of it, sorry, that would be a violation of our copyright.

Callahan Online tried to explain that it was supposed to be okay to borrow stuff from this particular page, but we never heard back. We even tried to play our ace in the hole and mention Scott Adams was a fan of Callahan (which is true), she didn't seem to know who Scott Adams was.

Thanks Scott

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