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Licensing, Syndication, Credits and Awards

Web Site Licensing

If you have a Web site and you'd like to feature a different Callahan cartoon every day, Monday through Friday, it's FREE! FREE! FREE!

Coming Soon


If you are with a print publication (magazine/newspaper) and wish to speak with Callahan's agent regarding syndication, you may contact Levin Represents by:

Telephone: 310/392-5146

Facsimile: 310/392-3856 fax your address and Levin Represents will send you the Syndication packet.

Email: Levin Represents

Snail: 2402 4th St, Suite 6 Santa Monica, CA 90405

Voices: in your head can negotiate the whole contract, just sign it, and send a check for $7,500 thank you

Major Awards :-)

awards Callahan Online has won which make us dance buck naked with excitement

June 6, 1997

Go Ahead! Make Me Laugh!!
March 6, 1997

Luckman 5 Star
February 7, 1997

Internet Cool Site of the Day
January 27, 1997

Netsurfer Digest
January 25, 1997

NetGuide Gold Site
January 20, 1997

The Funny Site
January 20, 1997

Mystery Site of the Week
January 14, 1997

InfiNet - the original Cool Site of the Day
January 13, 1997

January 13, 1997

Funky Site of the Day
January 13, 1997

[Cool Site of the Hour]
January 12, 1997

The Too Cool Award
January 8, 1997

Short Attention Span Site of the Week
January 6, 1997

That's Useful, This Is Cool!
January 4, 1997

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