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While I am Sally Struther's attorney, I am also her friend. In both capacities I was outraged by the distasteful and hurtful cartoon which Mr. Callahan and the Los Angeles Times Magazine mistook for humor. My wife and I have been among the supporters of the Christian Childrens Fund for many years and we have been personal friends with Sally and watched her herculean efforts to try to mend a small part of the world's woes and ameliorate the punishment inflicted upon the children who are the innocent and unknowing victims of hunger, poverty and oppression.

It seems Mr. Callahan feels that Sally's efforts deserve a below the belt blow which he delivered under the guise of freedom of the press and in abuse of the First Amendment. He obviously feels he is invulnerable in his tainted ivory tower along with the other people whom you hire to "edit" the Magazine safe from the slings of arrows of outraged subjects and their friends.

There is nothing that can be done to ameliorate the hurt and anger that Sally feels. There is something that can be done by your newspaper, however, to help her cause. Aside from making a contribution to the Christian Children Fund, I suggest you give at least a quarter page so that the story of the Christian Childrens Fund and the desperate need for more sponsors can be conveyed to your readers.

I am sure that if you are aware of Sally's efforts over many years and of the desperate needs which the Christian Childrens Fund meets everyday, that you will find my suggestion to be tenable, honorable and doable. It will be a more viable apology for this grievous insult to a person who has dedicated a good deal of her time to the cause of starving children, rather than he more usual printed words.

I look forward to your response.

Very truly yours,

Gunther S
attorney at law

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