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Hate Mail from America


I represent Sally Struthers and feel compelled to take exception to the humorless Callahan cartoon which ran on your Palm Latitudes page on Sunday. It is so unfortunate that your magazine, and indeed the Los Angeles Times itself, finds it amusing that Sally Struthers has worked so diligently for so many years to try to end the starvation and suffering of children in this world

Sally's tireless work for 17 years has been an attempt to end world hunger... Somalia just being the tip of the iceberg. Your publication insinuates that in the ads she makes for CCF she cries ("sobs") while she talks about the children. I defy you to find a single advertisement she has made in those 17 years in which she cries... yes, she speaks from the heart, but, no she doesn't cry.

Is it the intention of your magazine to treat the terrible human tragedy of dying children as some kind of joke? Sally Struthers' ads call us to action to realize our responsibility to our fellow man. Thank God she and others like her care. I pity your for your callous indifference to the fact children are dying everyday... thousands of them. It is largely due to the efforts of Sally Struthers that over a quarter million children receive assistance on a daily basis.

I enclose information on how you, Mr. Callahan and all of your colleagues at the Los Angeles Times can sponsor a child. If you have all tired of hearing Sally Struthers' voice on behalf of the world's children (as the cartoon implies), then sponsor a child. When enough people perform this act of human kindness, Sally will no longer have to make these appeals.

Until then, even your cruelty won't make her abandon the children.

For the children.

Pamela S
Sharp & Associates

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