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Hate Mail from America

Dear Mr. Callahan:

My name is Michelle C and I am writing to complain about a postcard I purchased from The Townson State University Book Store in Towson, Maryland last year.

When I read this postcard, I was very upset and would never think of purchasing it. Several weeks later I was assigned a report to do for my health 101 class and I chose to do Alzheimer's disease and how it affects the patient's family members. As I was thinking of a creative way to present this topic, I remembered the postcard I saw in the bookstore. I then hesitantly went back and purchased it.

I think it is horrible that I had to purchase such a horrible thing and to add to your profits. I think you have a warped sense of humor that in my view is anything but funny. I havve kept this item just in case I am assigned a similar project in my last year of college. I will continue to use it to show how unaware people are and to explain what alzheimer's disease really is.


Michelle C
New Jersey

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