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Hate Mail from America

Dear Mr. Callahan:

In a recent edition of The Riverfront Times, you printed a cartoon depicting a square dance as an "Alzheimer's Hoedown." Several our family caregivers of AD victims contacted our office to voice their outrage at your insensitivity.

Four million Americans suffer from this mind robbing disease. AD has two victims, the person suffering dementia and the families forced to oversee their care. Our families are desperate for answers to what might be causing it, ways to treat or halt it and the ultimate cure.

No doubt, AD people will make foolish mistakes and not be able to use good judgement. However this loss of cognitive function is a result of a disease process. AD victims should be treated with dignity and compassion - not ridicule.

As a family member and a representative of the 40,000 families in the St. Louis community, I express our concern over your apparent lack of sensitivity to a very cruel disease.

I suggest you owe an apology to the Alzheimer's families throughout the country.

Kathleen H
Executive Director, Alzheimer's Association

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