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Callahan's Wok on the Wild Side


I must express my complete indignation at the Callahan cartoon that featured an Asian male, Asian female and dog with caption, "Let's wok the dog."

The cartoon is outrageous and racially insensitive despite its attempt at humor.

It is true that some Asian cultures eat domesticated animals for food. However, it should be known that, for decades, different Asian ethnic groups survived on animals such as dog to endure the ravages of famine and war. In light of this history, all Asians should not be the target for such American abuse.

More disturbing is the fact that you found the cartoon acceptable for your paper. What you failed to recognize is that ignorance about many different ethnic communities runs rampant in our society.

Stereotypes, whether Asian, Latinos or Blacks, define people's perceptions and help form their affinity or hatred for an ethnic group. If anything, the Downtown News should be committed to dismantling stereotypes instead of contributing to them.

Jimmy T
Japanese American Citizens League

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