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I was stunned when I opened the Tropic and saw the insulting and irreverent depication of Pope John Paul II, adorned, apparently, with Madonna's latest breast-cover. [Callahan cartoon] On his head sit two odd looking "caps" with crosses on them andhis eyes bulge out as he "digs" the performer.

This type of cartoon one would expect to find in some establishment-bashing underground publication, not in a feature magazine of one of the foremost newspapers in the United States. Did you find it amusing? If so, you and anyone else who enjoyed it must be either extremely ignorant or hard-up for laughs.

Pope John Paul II spent most of his term as head of the church urging the people of every nation to holiness, to the service of God and to love of neighbor. He has particularly been outspoken with regard to family morals, respect of human life, and purity in human relations. The Madonna to whom he turns his attentionis Mary, the mother of Christ and out mother. I believe there is an oblique slur of her involved in this cartoon. Contrast her with the Madonna who seemingly misuses the great talents God has given her to the detriment of the young.

Mary is the model for all women: pure and chaste (yes, it is possible to have these virtues today, married or unmarried), humble and loving, willing to sacrifice herself for others, faithful and trusting of God; indeed, God's great masterpiece of all his creatures. In closing, I would like to say that, just as the Madonna who performs has an immense responsibility to change her life, you, who screen and select material that influences the thoughts of thousands of readers, have a similar responsibility. If the editors have any concrete and worthy reason for having printed that Callahan cartoon, they best write it down so they won't forget what it is when they are called to explain themselves to the "Executive Editor" of the "Final Edition."

Dale K

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