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I know John Callahan is even now penning better rebuttals to his detractors, and so I'm not doing this on his behalf.

I want your to leave Callahan's cartoon right where it is and stop giving so much letter space to the babies whining about him not goose-stepping to the beat of the politically correct or - and I love this - intimating that your magazine is "liberal" (read "pinko").

Hey, my feminist credentials are in order. It's just not true that we don't have a sense of humor. I'd feel left out if he didn't offend me once in a while. Meanwhile, I carry around his cartoon of the psychiatrist telling the satyr on his office couch to "Stop blaming your parents." I carry this cartoon like we carried around holy cards in our missals when it was only the kids like John Callahan who kept me from going berserk during my infinitely long tenure in Catholic schools.

I'm so politically incorrect, by the way, that I'm still in love with Jimmy Carter, Ralph Nader, Henry Miller and, maybe, I need for the sake of absolute honesty, still a bit in love with Woody Allen.

Maryellen G

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