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Dear Mr. Callahan:

On behalf of the human race, thank you for bringing to life your sick and twisted sense of humor in the form of your cartoons. I truly am addicted. Who needs Prozac... any time I am feeling grumpy, murderous, or just plain rotten, I pick up one of your books and in a matter of time, I am back to my normal perky self. I teach art at a small high school here in Michigan. Many of my students wish to become cartoonists. Unfortunately, I can't show them your cartoons. I like my job too much. I do tell them to go look you up at the book store. Several have reported back that they like your stuff.

I have begun to write artists and cartoonists in the hopes that they will write back to my students with an autograph, a sketch, or any words of wisdom that they would life to offer kids. We have a few that we have hanging up in the room. The kids love it. Would you be so kind as to sign what we have sent you? Geez, I cut the cover off the book, is this devotion or what? I have enclosed an envelope for easy returning.

We thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thomas O

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