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1951 - 2010

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There's absolutely nothing funny about a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. Unless, of course, that person is John Callahan. For nearly a decade, this irreverent cartoonist has been shocking America with his own special brand of wicked humor. In the world of Callahan, nothing is sacred, nothing is taboo and nothing is funnier!

Callahan appeared on the Portland episode of INSOMNIAC With Dave Attell the immensely funny show on Comedy Central

"Screw the Critics. I love Callahan. His cartoons are like tongue-kissing your grandma. If it's so bad, why does it feel so good?" Dave Attell



Quadriplegic love triangles?

Blind men convinced they can see?

A loudmouthed head on a cart?

What’s the world coming to????

It's Coming to Callahan…John Callahan, that is. For over a decade now, this irreverent, anti-PC, genius of a cartoonist has been shocking the world with the wickedest humor ever produced on four wheels. This paraplegic cartoonist is out to prove that, in his world, nothing is sacred, nothing is taboo and nothing is funnier than life itself. Contains 4 twisted episodes and a load of sick extras!

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